Monday, August 22, 2011

Giraffe Contest Deadline

Here is James enjoying his giraffe blanket, one of his many giraffe accessories. In addition to being very comfortable, this blanket had the added benefit of being machine washable, an essential quality for any James accessory.

Today was the last day for submissions to the Dallas Zoo for their Giraffe naming contest. Thank all of you so much for your submissions. We will not know the results until September, but regardless of the outcome it has been deeply humbling to see the response that this campaign has generated. It's touching to know that so many people thought of James and his story. Besides, I can't think of a better name than Jamie for a giraffe. Yes, I am extremely biased.

Throughout all of this, it has been a great comfort to know that James has reached so many people and touched so many lives. Although we'd gladly trade all of it in a heartbeat for a moment with him, it is gratifying to know that his memory lives on and is a source of comfort to others. James never did sad very well, and it is appropriate that his legacy be a joyful one.


  1. Fingers crossed!

    My mom happened to buy my October 2010 son, Colin, a soft blue blanket with a giraffe on it this weekend and I couldn't help but smile and think of James.

    I don't think I'll ever see anything giraffe-related ever again without being reminded of your sweet baby James.

  2. I found your blog through Angie Smith. After watching the video that was posted over @ the fotolanthropy web site I thought it was appropriate to just tell you that your family is and always will be beautiful!

    The story about James is one that has touched me. My husband and I lost two boys before having the three that live with us here on earth. Although the circumstances are different, the fact that we are mothers of children in heaven are the same. I just wanted you to know that I pray for you and your husband daily and that the two of you with your sweet little boy make a beautiful family. That hasn't changed.

  3. Votes went in from a few small towns in southeast Kansas! Can't wait to hear if the giraffe will be named Jamie. :)

  4. Sent in votes from Pocatello, Idaho :) There is no name more perfect for a giraffe than Jamie.

  5. A vote was sent from Norman OK, I sure hope her name becomes Jamie. I agree with the Johnson's no name would be more perfect than Jamie. I keep your family in my nightly prayers.