Friday, August 19, 2011


As most of you know, Katie Norris blessed us immensely when she came all the way to Children's and took the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen in my life. 

Seriously.  The most beautiful photos.  Sometimes I just stare at them.  

Katie launched Fotolanthropy the morning that I (through tears) asked her to come and take pictures of sweet James before he lost his hair.  I really wanted pictures of his beautiful hair, and I was so sad he was going to lose it during chemo.  (Remember at this time I truly thought that James was going to beat the tumor and that we would be doing 52 weeks of chemotherapy.)  

Katie and her team of assistant photographer Brooke and videographer Daniel Troupe gave us the second most precious gift I have ever received (after the gift of James of course).  Little did either of us know the impact that these photos and her work would have.

Katie tells the story of how she became involved with our family on her Fotolanthropy blog.   I loved being able to read how James impacted her world.  It is truly a "God thing" how we got together, and I am so grateful that I got to know her.

Katie donated her entire session fee as well as gave us 2 HUGE prints of sweet James and a HUGE array of beautifully printed photos.  She and Brooke also created an amazing guest book for people to sign, which many of you might have seen in the various news stories we have been able to do.  Daniel also gave us all the footage of his shoot, as well as created the video that I still cannot watch without crying. 

Please visit Katie's Fotolanthropy site to read her side of the story!  Also, keep her and her ministry in your prayers.  Katie is launching Fotolanthropy in order to bless other families the way that she blessed us.  She is truly amazing, and I just can't believe that I am so lucky to have amazing people like her in my life.  

(Also- all you DFW people, Katie has been featured in D Magazine Weddings and takes amazing family portraits.  If you are looking for the most wonderful photographer to work with who has the kindest heart and takes beautiful pictures- call Katie!  She is beautiful inside and out!)


  1. Walking in the Livestrong challenge tomorrow with Jamesie's name on my back. Honoring his memory while raising funds for charity. Thinking of you!

  2. You are correct, Katie does take the most beautiful photographs. I love these pictures of Jamesie. Especially the one at the header of your blog. Truly, one would never know he was ill in that picture. He looks exactly what I imagine an angel looking like. I appreciate the love, the talent, the gift, and all that you share, and those you come into contact with share also. Thank you so much Kara, for being who YOU are!

  3. I, too, think the pictures and video of James are absolutely beautiful. His eyes are simply gorgeous! I have saved the video in my YouTube favorites. I watch it when I need to be reminded of what James taught me- to enjoy and savor every moment with my children even when they're having a rough day. What a blessing Fotolanthropy is! Praying for you in Nashville!

  4. Daniel, was my wedding videographer. he and his wife are so amazing and creative, i can only imagine how beautiful and amazing the video. what a special gift

  5. Hi! I don't know you all, but I have been following your blog and am so sorry for your loss. I just watched the video and am just in tears. Thank you for sharing your story and showing others your continued faith in the Lord. God bless you and I will continue to pray for your family!!