Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Still waiting on the MRI results...

We are still here waiting for the MRI results from today. James was scheduled to be in the MRI at 90:00 this morning, but then we were bumped for several other pressing cases. We are just thankful to be the "bumpee" rather than the "bumper"! It breaks our hearts knowing that other families are more critical than James and need to go first though.

So James went back for his MRI around 1:30. We got to sit around and chat with his sweet nurse, who I got along with really well! Every nurse at Children's has been amazing. I cannot say enough good things about them. They have truly been so supportive and positive, and we cannot have asked for a better experience.

James came back around 3:30 from his MRI and we are back in the PICU now. We were hoping to have moved down to "the floor" as they call it here, which is the 9th floor neuro floor. We are so fortunate that they let us keep all of our stuff (which is alot, it seriously looks like we have moved in!) in our room on 9 so that we haven't been dragging it back and forth. I can't tell you what a blessing that has been! The room on 9 also has a shower/restroom in the room which makes a big difference from the PICU.

So right now we are waiting for neurology to read the MRI and release us to the floor. It's hard waiting- we are trusting in God and the physicians, but we are anxious to know! The MRI is really just a benchmarking tool today. It won't change our treatment plan, but if there is a section of tumor that was left they will go in through James' original incision and remove that portion. We would really love for James not to have to go through another brain surgery! 3 procedures since Thursday is enough for us.

We will update when we know more....

As always, THANK YOU for your continued prayers, thoughts, love and "good vibes". :) We appreciate them so much!

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